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Strategic Restructuring & Mergers

Strategic restructuring for community health centers and other healthcare organizations is accomplished in many different ways and for a variety of reasons. Pacific Health Consulting Group provides the insight, objectivity and expertise as needed - from conducting a feasibility study between the potential joint parties, sometimes involving analyzing the benefits and alternative strategies, to developing a detailed implementation and financial timeline. Depending on the stage of development, strategic restructuring projects can last from six months to two years.

Some of our most recent strategic restructuring projects include:

  • Santa Barbara Community Clinics, Inc. -
    A corporate merger of Westside Neighborhood Health Center, Isla Vista Clinic and Carrillo Community Health Center
  • Sunnyhills Children's Garden, Inc. -
    A corporate merger of Sunnyhills Children's Services and Children's Garden
  • Mountain Valley Health Centers, Inc. -
    A corporate merger of Big Valley Medical Center and Butte Valley Health Center
  • West County Health Centers, Inc. -
    A corporate merger of Russian River Health Center and Occidental Health Center
  • Southwest Community Health Center and Alliance Medical Center -
    A feasibility study conducted with a recommendation not to merge
  • Imperial Valley Community Health Organization -
    A corporate merger between Imperial Valley Regional Health Authority and the Imperial Valley Health Council